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EU Business school is what drives quality?

In this blog we are discussing an interesting topic that deals with the quality of a business school that is located in the European union (EU). In particular, we will briefly point out why the Swiss education system is one of the best in the world.

The quality assurance has high importance for any business school. Quality assurance involves the systematic review of educational provision to maintain and improve its quality, equity and efficiency (source: In this context, the importance of lifelong learning is one of the top priorities for the EU commission that has published Recommendations on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning and on promoting common values, inclusive education, and the European dimension of teaching.

Now, what has Switzerland got to do with the EU business school quality assurance and why is Switzerland known to deliver top notch quality education?

Swiss quality education has a long history which is over 200 years old. It dates back to Heinrich Pestalozzi, the founder of pedagogy. Its first university was founded in 1460 at Basel. Today Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s most renowned higher educational systems.

An interesting fact about the Swiss educational system is that public and private institutions are (almost) given the full autonomy, thus giving the opportunity for independent development of educational programs.

All these facts highlight that due to its legacy, current rankings, favorable political system, the Swiss education is high-quality and as such continues to attract a high number of students.