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Executive DBA

Executive DBA
Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Executive DBA

The Executive DBA doctoral program in business administration will challenge you to take your thinking and performance to a new level. You will become a recognized expert and contributor to the most important business and societal challenges by making significant contribution to both theory and practice in the field as you move toward C-suite leadership level.

As far as supervision of thesis research is concerned it is to be noted that the DBA thesis supervisor generally looks at the scientific work being prepared by the student, supervises it, and is committed to ensuring that quality standards of the work are being met. The supervisor is a person with the requisite academic qualification and experience in the chosen field of the thesis research. The supervisor has expert knowledge of the field in which the student is carrying out his/her research. The Supervisor’s task is to guide the DBA student from commencement of the research through the oral presentation and defense of the completed research work (DBA viva).

Total duration for completing the Executive DBA program is two (2) academic years or less which depends on student’s motivation to deliver the thesis.

The DBA program will bring you the opportunity to obtain the highest-level postgraduate qualification in business and management field without interrupting your career.

The Executive DBA offers a rigorous online or blended learning and research plan to the global executives. All DBA students have the possibility to attend campus based seminars that are organized in Geneva.

The program was designed for top executives  with the objective to provide them with a practical grounding in premium business and research education and its applications by offering flexible and rigorous research-based curriculum.

The DBA doctorate program features a thesis research project that emphasizes applied research to help you solve a real-world problem within your organization. Our distinguished program faculty will accompany you throughout the Executive DBA journey by providing milestones to help you stay on track.

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About the program


The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is designed for professionals seeking to elevate their expertise in business management and leadership to the highest level. This rigorous doctoral program offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines advanced theoretical knowledge with practical application, preparing graduates to address complex challenges in today’s dynamic business environment. Through interdisciplinary learning experiences and cutting-edge research opportunities, students will develop the critical skills and strategic mindset necessary to drive organizational innovation, foster sustainable growth, and make meaningful contributions to the field of business administration.

The DBA program has following main objectives:
– Mastery of Advanced Business Concepts: Develop a deep understanding of advanced theories, principles, and practices in business administration, enabling the analysis and resolution of complex organizational issues.

– Proficiency in Research Methodologies: Acquire advanced research skills, including quantitative and qualitative methodologies, to conduct rigorous empirical research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

– Strategic Leadership Development: Enhance leadership capabilities through the cultivation of strategic thinking, effective communication, and ethical decision-making skills essential for guiding organizations towards sustainable success.

– Global Business Acumen: Explore global perspectives on business operations, including international market dynamics, cross-cultural management, and global supply chain strategies, to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace.

– Contribution to Scholarly Discourse: Produce original scholarly research and contribute to the academic discourse in business administration through publications, presentations, and professional engagements, demonstrating thought leadership and expertise in the field.


Student achievement key metrics can be found here.


– None


The DBA curriculum is composed of several core courses. We organize elective courses in collaboration with our business and industry partners on specific topics relevant to global business and management challenges as well as several events tht can find here.

Research Methodology I
Research Methodology II
Publishing Your Paper (seminar)
Writing Research Proposal (seminar)
Research Proposal (seminar)

Software Citation Tools (seminar)

* final list of available courses is subject to change


This program is delivered entirely online.

You also have the opportunity to increase your learning by attending our webinars.

Our interactive, supportive teaching model is designed for busy professionals and is delivered through our best-in-class learning management system.


All reading materials for this course will be made accessible to you through the SSBM Online Learning Portal. Notes for each module are often downloadable, and you are able to save your current learning status and continue whenever you like.


Upon successful completion of the DBA program you will be awarded with a DBA degree delivered by SSBM Geneva.

You have the possibility to select a specialization.


Premium Research

Doctoral level in-depth knowledge of latest theories and methodologies in business research

C-level Career

You will learn to apply novel, innovative, and creative solutions to complex business problems leading to C-level career


Executive DBA fits with working professional busy schedule by providing flexible study structure 

Why Executive DBA ?

Why DBA?

Our Executive DBA program will enable you to be able to provide novel, innovative, and creative solutions to complex business problems and opportunities as well as thought leadership for organizational change.

Key benefits

– Researcher education in management studies (theoretical and methodological competence) – Competence to design and implement a sizable research project with a practical orientation – A collegial network with professors and other researchers and the Executive DBA candidates – Competence in presenting papers in international seminars and conferences – Writing and defending an academic doctoral thesis and research papers/articles – Possibility to realize a sizable research/development project for an organization

Variety of possible topics

Any topic can be considered that deals with management, finance, HR or any other related themes such as: • General management • HR topics • Business topics • Supply chain • Finance • etc.

Competitive advantage

Executive DBA program will broaden your professional horizons enabling you to climb further up the corporate ladder.


Executive DBA was designed to fit the demanding lifestyle of executives and professionals

ACBSP accredited

Executive DBA is accredited by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) which is recognized by CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation).


Upon successful completion of the DBA program you will be awarded with a DBA degree delivered by SSBM Geneva.


Who Are SSBM DBA Students?
  • DiversityOver 106+ different countries and cultures represented
  • FlexibilityYou can start anytime with possibility to attend campus based seminars
  • EngagementExperienced PhD mentors



years old






years in average

Join a selected and experienced group of classmates, grow together and build a strong network. 

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What our students say?

  • Adina Grecu

    “It is a great experience and I truly appreciate this chance that I have received, to study at SSBM Geneva, one of the top 10 European Business Schools offering online MBAs”.
    Adina Grecu, Head of Digital & Online Marketing , Switzerland

    LinkedIn Profile


  • Katarina Lasic

    “I completed the Executive MBA program and it has been quite an experience. I have enjoyed myself and my expectations have been exceeded”.
    Katarina Lasic, Finance Director, Novo Nordisk

    LinkedIn Profile


  • Alex E. Asampong

    “SSBM is highly efficient regarding information, assistance and all tools one needs to accomplish study successfully. Undoubtedly, I am very proud of my excellent experience with SSBM”.
    Alex E. Asampong, Lecturer Utrecht University, Netherlands

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  • David Annan

    “It was a great experience and I want to thank entire SSBM for an amazing support during my thesis. I’m also proud to be part of DBA mentors after I finished my DBA journey”.
    David Annan, Author and Lecturer, Kazakhstan

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  • Elisa Simeoni

    “SSBM offers high level education with experienced professors and effective learning. This is a great opportunity to boost my career and invest in quality education”
    Elisa Simeoni, Talent Manager, i-surance, France

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  • Aser Matter

    “The greatest benefit of the program was much more than the “piece of paper”…Thanks to the SSBM for the MBA program, I know that I have all of the tools to be a successful and ethical leader.”
    Aser Mater, Director, Jaz Hotel Group

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  • Apostol Georgiev

    “Studying at SSBM Geneva has been extremely impactful for the way I look at business organizations. There are so many things I’ve learned…”
    Apostol Georgiev, Risk consultant at Wells Fargo

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  • Lisa Tamilia

    “I am very impressed with my experience in the DBA program! It is also a great network and collaboration with a professional network of great students around the globe”
    Business Instructor, USA

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  • Rohini Ghavari

    “I’m very happy with the support of my mentor. It is really amazing and I’m enjoying my journey.”
    Rohini Ghavari, DBA Student, India

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  • Abraham G Melgar

    “All the programs at SSBM have been wonderful and the teachers were extremely helpful. In my specific case, the course that helped me pay for the entire MBA degree and set the foundation for my financial well-being in life is the finance course at SSBM”
    Abraham Melgar, Country Sales Manager, Bolivia

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Executive DBA
Tuition Fees

Executive DBA

The objective of the Executive DBA doctorate in business administration is to provide participants with the opportunity to make significant contribution to both theory and practice in the field and to develop professional practice at the highest level. It is a practical and research-based doctoral program in business and industry which is designed for mid-career and senior executives aiming at moving toward C-suite leadership level.

Our mentors are coming from some of the most prestigious universities around the world.

Tuition Fees

Executive DBA: 15.000 EUR*

We offer various scholarship opportunities. We invite you to carefully check which one can apply to you.

* This price includes all online program related costs. Additional costs may apply in some situations.



– Minimum five years postgraduate work experience prior to DBA study, some of this at a senior level

– MBA (or equivalent qualification) from a recognized higher education institution.

– A Master’s degree in management (or associated discipline) 

– A Master’s degree in a field other than management (or related discipline) but with a minimum of 5 years professional work experience.

– Grade transcripts

– Your CV or resume

– ID or passport copy

– One photo

Applications to the doctoral program will be reviewed by members of the Doctorate Admissions Committee who will make recommendations and decisions (accept/reject) regarding offers of admission to the DBA program. Upon receipt of the documents, a formal interview with the DBA Academic Director may be scheduled with some candidates.


Research Methodology I
Research Methodology II
Publishing Your Paper (seminar)
Writing Research Proposal (seminar)
Research Proposal (seminar)

Software Citation Tools (seminar)

2.AI for Managers
3.Strategic Corporate Culture
4.Digital Business Acceleration
5.Corporate Security and Business Intelligence
6.Innovation and Change Management
7.Financial Management
8.Business English
9.Business IT
10.Data Visualization and Storytelling with Data


The student chooses 4 out of above list in line with the preference with following options:
– after the course, the student prepares Final Project/assignment which is graded, and is awarded with additional ECTS points


– after the course, the student does not prepare Final Project/assignment in which case no ECTS points shall be awarded


Take a virtual tour and discover SSBM Geneva through this video. Our diversity, faculty and collaborations make us unique and globally successful. 

Experts in Business Education Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva Welcome to SSBM Geneva

Student Testimonials

  • I chose to study at SSBM, because it gives me flexibility to combine online and onsite learning.

  • The thing I like the most is definitely the possibility to organize studying time on my own, as well as the deadlines for all the projects. The whole program is very approachable and easy to follow.

  • SSBM truly offers high quality education. The course material allows you to apply academic theory to real-world examples from the global business world in an easy manner.

  • I am quite impressed with the program, most importantly the quality of the education and the professors. It has been wonderful and I would recommend the program. I also gained and increased my productivity as a manager

  • I chose SSBM as an excellent continuation of my education and combining my professional knowledge with theory and practice of the lectures. SSBM allows flexibility with my personal life and professional life as well as achieving my goals.


Experts in Business Education

We are “Experts in Business Education”. Our core values stand on:

  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Connectivity
  • Expertise

We offer Swiss quality through unique Experience, Exchange, Everywhere and Engagement.

SSBM Connect

How about connecting with your peers, alumni, students, professors, industry leaders and companies we work with?

SSBM enables this through our unique and innovative “SSBM Connect” platform where you can engage, interact and socialize with SSBM community!


Networking is one of our core strategic directions.

SSBM aims to provide our DBA students with new networking opportunities to connect with peers from same but also different industries as one of SSBM’s main objective is to have diverse student body.

Online Teaching Experience

Do you want to see how our Online Teaching Experience looks like? 

With our unique programs you will strengthen your strategic visionefficiency and leadership to manage today’s organizations.

Still Wondering Why Study at SSBM?

SSBM is a truly innovative and leading business and management school that aims at taking education to a new level!
We aim at providing a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your professional development.


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