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Build Your Corporate Internal Training Academy

Why internal when you can send your people to an external training company? Well, you have a clear vision on what you want to achieve, what to deliver to your clients/customers and what are their profiles and preferences. Also, you know your people, their background, strengths and weaknesses as well as your services and/or products better than anyone externally. In addition, why pay substantial fees and to use the same or even worse development center than your competitors.

Moreover, you already know what you need, you need to create an outline and content frame anyhow. So, why not to use your best people from different departments and train them to build collective knowledge and strength from inside. And yes, of course, occasionally take someone from the outside to give you a fresh and the different overview. The program is conducted by our seasoned consultants and trainers that are experienced in human resources, management and financial development methodologies. 

The program consists of optimizing the efficiency and the profitability of your organisation through innovative methodologies such as:


  • Collective intelligence optimisation process: This methodology consists of identifying relevant key employees and creating work groups, triggering a collective CANI - a Continuous and never ending improvement cycle of creative ideas, endless process optimisation and improvements that lead to both enhanced profitability, harmonious team and employee involvement, satisfaction and ownership feeling.
  • Cross expectations method: This method boils down to identifying process pilots and formulating agreed upon mutual and collective expectations that are focused on client satisfaction, long-term vision, team attitude, and global approach.These clear and shared expectations, are checked and constantly improved, fully benefiting from group synergy.

Consulting service format:

Presence of 2-3 days per month during one year or 4 days every second month + 6 days of diagnostics and preparation, customization and reporting.

*Renewable with discount

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