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Communication as a Team Bloodstream

Ivana sees communication as intrapersonal, interpersonal or mass emission of thoughts, verbal and/or non-verbal messages as well as other energy emissions between individuals. Communication has a goal to get feedback that confirms, changes or negates the message sent from one party to another and to encourage a new round of communication. In PR, Ivana has specialised in internal and crisis communication and she has a deep experience in implementing comprehensive diagnostics and improved communication models with small and large corporations. She is also a proponent of integrated marketing communications. Through training and consultations, you will get a whole new perspective on communication with people inside and outside the organisation. This will also be supported by developing unique tools that can help you make the right decisions as communication and action are intricately tied. 

Communication Is A Bloodstream™ is a copyrighted workshop of applying models of unobstructed horizontally and vertically communication flows with basic elements of business communication. This workshop is intended for everyone who has to and/ or wishes to upgrade their flow of business communication, while increasing the efficiency and excellence of their team. The workshop can last from 1-3 days, depending on the needs and the set objectives by using technique exercises, feedback and the advice from your coach.

Teams & Performance Goals

  • Introducing and perfecting processes and elements of communication
  • Implementing criteria for unobstructed internal and external communication. Realizing that communication is the bloodstream of your company
  • Improvement of company’s communication (communication network, formal and informal communication)
  • Introducing practical methods for efficient gathering, selection, organisation and structuring of information and messages with the goal of increasing the company’s IQ
  • Determining forms of communication and business communication: classification by the senses (tactile, visual, hearing/speaking) and by the role of a language: verbal and non-verbal (conversation, discussion, meetings, presentation, e-mail communication, forms, letters, business reports)
  • Communication and interpersonal relationships (balancing social relationships, creating trust, motivation, efficiency)
  • Repeating and researching techniques of key messages that influence a recipient of a message
  • If combined with a workshop “Decisions from the neutral zone” you will get a whole new perspective of communication with yourself as well as the people inside and outside the organisation, and powerful tools that can help you make the right decisions


  • Blended: 1 day residential, 1x 3-hour virtual follow up, and 2 x 1-hour of executive coaching sessions
  • Online: 2 x 4-hours live sessions, 1x 3-hour virtual follow-up, and 2 x 1-hour of executive coaching session

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