Crisis Management Lab

Crisis Management Lab

Recent world events have shown us that no one is immune to a crisis. A crisis could happen anytime and affect anyone, and we have no way of knowing when it is coming. A crisis unveils all our vulnerabilities and strengths. The way we manage a crisis reveals our true personalities and leadership. Do it wrong – and you will be dealing with damage control, loss of credibility, and reputation for a very long time.

So, what will you do if today a crisis knocks on your door, confronts you with the change, shakes your existence, or threatens your business continuity? Are you prepared? Crisis Management Training and preparation can give you a sense of control. Our highly dynamic program will take you step by step why and how to plan for the worst, how to make the right choices while navigating a crisis, so you have the best results, save time, money, your credibility, and reputation – whatever disaster may occur.

You will learn how to recognize the signs of a crisis, manage your personal and organisational response to it, lead confidently, and communicate effectively through stressful situations. The training will take you through learning of various crises experiences around the world. Throughout the program, you will also develop a set of tools and your own Crisis Response plan so you can be prepared to take your business through challenges whatever disaster might occur.

The future is unpredictable, and no one is immune to a crisis. The main difference is between those who are prepared and ready to deal with it and those who are not. Which one are you? Which one would you like to be?

Crisis Management Lab will make you immune to a crisis. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals and core concepts of crisis management
  • Learn how to recognize the signs of crisis, establish a crisis management team, define roles and responsibilities, apply the structures to achieve control of a crisis
  • Learn how to best manage a crisis with identified technology systems, information management, protocols, communications tools, procedures, templates, and other available resources
  • Learn how to control and manage your personal and corporate response to a crisis
  • Learn to lead confidently through stressful situations, by applying thorough decision-making and action-driving processes
  • Learn how to prepare and manage your communication deliverables in times of crisis
  • Learn and practice how to successfully manage social media in case of a crisis
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and get your message across in a powerful way
  • Learn from various crisis experiences how to mitigate and manage a crisis
  • Learn how to develop a crisis management response plan and your quick checklist


Training is offered in various formats and tools:

  • in-class group training and simulation
  • online live sessions
  • self-paced online training


Learners taking this training are:

  • executives and business owners
  • mid-level management
  • emerging and engaged leaders

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