Entrepreneurship Boost

Entrepreneurship Boost

Either in a small group workshop or one-on-one coaching, an entrepreneurship boost is designed for startup founders who want help to develop their business idea, so that it has a better chance of success, as well as empowering new entrepreneurs on their business journey.

The entrepreneurship boost will help you tell your story, to craft a narrative around what you do in a way that directly contributed to your startup’s ability to raise a pre-seed. Once you are ready to take it to the next level Ivana and her team will help prepare your startup for accelerators and investments.

Either you are just searching for the clarity of your ideas or messages, need a consultation on the topic of positioning in the consumer’s head, want to talk and know more about segmentation or you need assistance on innovation/upgrade of your product/service/idea, our Entrepreneurship boost is what you should go for.

“There is expertise and support that you need, when developing a business. But then, if you are lucky, on top of world class expertise and thoughtful and patient support system, with Ivana, there is something that cannot be learned or gained with experience. Something that some, very rare people have – the intrinsic understanding and visionary insight into the best that your professional future might hold for you, and the ability to gently but proficiently lead you there.” Tamara Puhovski, Impact House



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