Impact Through Influence

Impact Through Influence

The ability to influence is an essential leadership skill. To influence is to have an impact on the behaviors, attitudes, opinions and choices of others. Influence is not to be confused with power or control.

This program provides participants with a deep insight into their own influencing style, the impact it has on individuals and situations, and how and when to adjust their approach to maximize the impact.

Participants will be introduced to and practice the key skills and strategies necessary to build trusting and effective working relationships. The participants will be introduced to key skills and strategies necessary to build trusting and effective relationship that they will be able to practice. They will learn how to influence both internal and external stakeholders, across the whole organisation, face-to-face and virtually.

Influence as an essential leadership skill.


  • Participants who have managerial experience and a good understanding of how to make the most of their team.
  • Participants will be focusing on improving their ability to gain buy-in and influence internal and external organisational stakeholders.

Delivery Method:

  • Blended: 2 days, 1 virtual follow-up 
  • Online: 4 x 4-hour live sessions, across 4 weeks

Fees: Ask for a quote today!


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