Leading Change

Leading Change

In a more than ever volatile and uncertain environment, leaders at all levels of an organization need to be skilled to lead changes effectively. It is no longer a question of ‘when’ change will happen, as change is the only constant. Yet too many changes affect morale and productivity and damage the most successful organizations. This series offers you pragmatic thinking and tools to help you lead your business changes.

Part 1: 5 webinars of 2h each (once per week or once per fortnight recommended)

1. The only constant is change

  • Framing the contexts of change
  • Understanding the psychological and behavioral responses to change
  • Taking the lead on change: anticipating vs reacting

2. Preparing for change

  • Build your case for change
  • Mastering storytelling techniques to inspire
  • Assessing the impacts of change


3. Change strategies

  • Strategies to lead change
  • Use your power or empower?
  • Change as an opportunity for employee learning and development

4. Communicating change

  • Crafting powerful messages
  • Selecting relevant and impact-full channels
  • Finding the right timing

5. Bring it all together: change tactics

  • Embedding change and project management
  • Planning contingency plans
  • Agility, iteration, and perseverance

Part 2: 2 Collaborative Coaching online sessions (once per fortnight or once per month recommended) of 1h each

Total: 12h

Delivery Method: 100% Online

Fee: Ask for a quote today!