Mastering Interviews & Recruitment Process

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Mastering Interviews & Recruitment Process

If you are an employee (60 minutes)


  • This course will show you how to answer the most common and difficult interview questions and give examples of top quality answers that will lead you toward success.
  • You will also learn about phrasal verbs and buzz words that will make you sound and look confident.
  • Highly recommended to juniors who have no or little experience in recruitment processes. Do not miss the opportunity of showing the best version of yourself on your next interview!

If you are an employee (60 minutes)


  • Which assessment approach should be used, how to play multiple roles, which questions to ask in order to get really valuable data, that will allow you to understand new generation thinking and behavioral processes and everything that you need all that you need if you want to be one of the best in your role.
  • Even the best should improve themselves all the time, shouldn’t they? It is one of the keys of becoming or being an elite recruiter - continuing training.

If you are an employee: 

– 60 minutes

– 100% Online

Price: 370 EUR

If you are an employer:

100% online (2 hours with a coach)

Price: 890 EUR


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