Media Communication Lab

Media Communication Lab

It’s getting crazy out there. No matter what part of the world we are in, the things we write or read can travel across the globe in a matter of seconds. Each message you are putting out there, either verbally, or on social media, or in email, has the potential to change the course of events in your business or private life, while also impacting another human being.

Whether working for an enterprise, running our own business, or being self-employed, we always look for opportunities to share our great stories and showcase our leadership. Traditional and social media are some of the most powerful ways to increase your visibility, establish your reputation, and set you apart from the competition. The Media Communications program is an interactive, highly dynamic, and hands-on journey for anyone willing to test the limits and discover a skillful art of communications with the media.

You will learn and develop a variety of communications and leadership techniques to interact successfully with any media and manage social media in case of a crisis. Throughout the program, you will analyze and learn from many positive and negative media events. You will learn how to address and answer (or not!) any sensitive matters, how to draft and deliver messages that are clear, consistent, and credible. And to make sure you get the most out of your new media skills and techniques, we have a lot of simulations and practical exercises to take your through. 

Your PR team or your PR agency can do a lot of magic, but no one will tell your incredible story or protect your business better than you. Media Communications training can make a difference between creating a strong positive story about you or your brand or damaging your reputation. Does everyone need a Media Communications training? Yes.



Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to prepare, control and conduct various types of media interviews [on and off camera], press conferences, virtual live events on social media
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and get message across in a powerful way
  • Learn how to look and sound confident and comfortable on camera
  • Learn how to define and shape key messages for the public and Media [social, print, video, radio, online]
  • Understand and practice how to control and manage challenging situations and sensitive matters during media interactions
  • Learn and practice how to successfully manage social media in case of a crisis in the business environment


Training is offered in various formats and tools:

▪ individual OR group training (max 6 people)

▪ in-class group training and simulation

▪ virtual live training

▪ practical exercises and simulations [on camera]


Learners taking this training are:

▪ executives and business owners

▪ mid-level management

▪ emerging and engaged leaders.