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New Organizational Design

If you want your company to be faster in various processes and gain the ability to adapt the change, let’s talk and see which organizational design is the best for you.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, management and leadership have become increasingly difficult and demanding, and the managers have been asked to fulfill more goals in an increasingly short term. Due to the increasing competition, companies need to optimize their businesses. Each day new tools, methods and approaches arise that enable an increased business efficiency and profitability.

As this era does not belong to the era of the great inventions and technological progress is more ‘cosmetic’ and commercially oriented, then the only difference possible to draw is if you constantly keep up with the training as well as you possess good reflexes. 

Individuals who can manage the cycles of procurement and implementation of information’s, services, materials and products in the shortest period of time are the winners. One such approach is aforementioned orientation on business processes that today require such decisions, which have to be taken at the level of work i.e. the occurrence of the problems, because the competition destroys organizations that think they have the ability to make decisions managing through a deep hierarchy.

The company should be organized in a way that allows the vertical and horizontal flow of information that is necessary for the achievement of organizational goals.

If we want to understand the important concept in traditional, classical organizations, and also in all other forms of organizations – is the understanding of hierarchy. The hierarchy gives them structure, which is a form of a protection that keeps them away from the dangers of the outside world.

Any other model would hardly survive without the organization, but the hierarchy becomes shallower, and the most successful practices are completely lean or the vertical organization adopted Think-Do-Feel-Innovate model, and sets a completely new view of the management itself.

Call us for a quote for intervention and creating the model for your company as it depends on company size, organisational design and culture.