#nextgencoaching- Crafting Disruptive and Relevant Coaching Paradigm

Crafting disruptive and relevant coaching paradigm
In a world where you can watch, read and do anything. Listen. 
Humans are at the heart of the coaching practices. Yet how many people have had to adapt to outdated or dictated coaching practices. When it comes to designing a coaching solution for your employees or clients, the only rule is that there is no rule. In this series, get pragmatic tools and techniques to become an expert at crafting disruptive and relevant coaching solutions.

Part 1: 4 webinars of 2h each (once per week or once a fortnight recommended)

  • All is ‘Human’ (empathise)Intro to Design Thinking methodology (Stanford University’s d.school) Observe, engage and immerse to deeply understand the coaching experience of your employees from the context of their lives Map your employee coaching experience
  • Craft a new coaching paradigm (define & ideate)Unpack and synthesize your empathy findings into compelling needs and insights, and scope a specific and meaningful challenge Go wide and explore radically new coaching solutions for your employees Pitch your ideas
  • Be bold and go for it (prototype & test)Getting your new coaching ideas and explorations out of your head and into the physical world. Experience your new coaching solution(s)
  • The humility and learning loop (learn, refine, iterate)Get feedback on your solution(s) Drive deeper empathy to refine your new coaching paradigm Keep refining and iterating.

Part 2. Collaborative Coaching online sessions (once a fortnight or once per month recommended) of 1h each


Total: 10h

100% Online

Price: 3300 EUR

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