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Positioning in Consumers’ Mind

We understand that positioning is innate when we are entering a new, unknown or unfamiliar group of people. This naturalness should also be applied in business.We naturally try to choose a position that is not already taken by someone else because we want to be different. There is a small possibility that individuals would harm the place of the most beautiful or the most spiritual if someone is already positioned that way within that group. This naturalness should also be applied in business.

This is a topic that Ivana loves to talk about with her students or entrepreneurs who are just starting their own business or have started it, but are not satisfied with the initial results. It is even more interesting to see that sometimes larger companies get lost along the way and forget about the foundations, so they return to the roots of market communication by joining forces.

By simple definition, positioning is the way that customers think about a product in relation to similar products or to the competitors’ products. It serves to achieve the desired image of yourself, your product and/or services in the minds of the selected target group, the so-called segment. However, like any definition, it is easy to learn but rather hard to apply in practice.

In her lectures, Ivana avoids definitions, uses examples from practice, and shows the essence of positioning through games. It teaches you how to focus on one point, one advantage, because you can not be everything to everyone. The position must make a clear distinction between you and the competition.

Understanding the essence of positioning. 


  • “Let’s play. I will say some associations, and you will write a brand that comes to your mind….The best bottled water, The most popular sport in the world, The most popular cosmetics for young people in the world, The safest car ”… – is a typical example of Ivana’s games and she says “It’s all about preparing for a game when they have to describe their brand, their imaginative or already existing one in 7 seconds. It seems impossible to them, at first, but than I tell them to explain it in 1 word!? In the end, most of them succeed, and everyone understands the essence of positioning. ”

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