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(Re) Building Your Culture

How to have a strong culture when the generation gap is getting bigger and diversity and inclusion programmes don’t give results we want and business is getting faster all the time? Culture remains one of the biggest challenges for the company’s management. The SSBM team is here to help you on the topic.

Some leaders have shown their ability to adapt and change, but most of them are still struggling to find solutions and even to understanding key issues. At the first meetings, clients usually ask how much time does it take for a corporate culture to change. The most realistic answer probably would be “maybe never”, because large number of companies gets into this complex process unprepared.

Except for the readiness and preparedness of an organization for changes, the answer also depends on what your existing culture is: dominant, participative, process or culture of task, reactive, explorative, creative and so on. If you are ready, let’s move immediately, the first changes are visible relatively fast, depending on the application complexity and the size of the organization, full integration of a new model is happening between the first and the third year.

Culture is a relatively stable term and it is not easy to change it. If a new model of desirable behavior is to be introduced or in order to modify a current model, which is even a harder task, the proactive responsibility of an individual is the foundation, and the role of a manager at all levels is crucial.

Culture changes on a visible and an invisible level. Of course, the invisible level in which values, attitudes and beliefs reside, it is harder to change as thoughts, behavior and activity arise from them.

Changing organizational culture is only possible with planned and systematic changes in the workplace with people and constant organizational learning.

Our coaches will give the participants the needed tools to plan and/or execute culture transformation initiatives.


  • The full-day immersive simulation involves the participants taking on a senior leadership role at 1 of 2 organisations undergoing a merger
  • The participants will have to decide on how to best combine the two very different organisational cultures, while creating employee buy-in, a safe space for dialogue and a renewed sense of belonging.
  • This program is aimed at mid to senior-level managers that are responsible for either the planning and/or the implementation of major transformational change initiatives within their organisation. For example: culture change, restructuring or merger integration initiatives.

Delivery Method:

2-day Blended or Residential


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