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Strategy Business Game For Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition

For entrepreneurs / “intrapreneurs” who need to master a set by step strategic process and apply it to a corporate business case in a collaborative team work done during a 5 days innovation sprint.

This very practical training program (70% experimentation / 30% theory) enables a team to switch to a startup mode in order to solve an innovation problem the client has and come with a delivery where the product/service design and related business model have been built and validated.

Who is this for?

This program is for intrapreneurs and teams who have an innovation business problem to solve.

Learning outcomes for Participants & Organizations:

At the end of this program participants will be able to:

  • Understand design thinking fundamentals and apply the Strategyzer methodology.
  • Expand their digital innovation entrepreneurship skills.

This personalized program gives tools and resources used in innovative startup companies to enable “intrapreneurs” solve a business issue:


  • Understanding the fundamentals with a user centric approach (design thinking process focusing on customer needs)
  • Mastering the practical tools based upon the renowned Strategyzer methodology
  • Building the value proposition and the business model related to the chosen business case. Once designed, the value proposition will be tested in the real world
  • Presenting: group(s) pitch their business case in front of a jury composed of peers and coaches

Blended: pre-program digital contents available for self pace learning prior to the training, 5 days residential, 90 min online follow up session + executive training in the format of a 5 day innovation sprint.

  • Blended: Ask for a quote today!
  • Online: Optional (based on sanitary constraints)

Minimum of 4 participants required.

*** Group discount available