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Think, Do, Feel, Innovate Management

Think – Feel – Do management model as a potentially appropriate base for a new model of managing tasks and production processes in marketing – oriented companies that operate in accordance with the digital age market demands, where the user‘s experience has become a center of business, and the speed of the reaction has become the key for the business survival.

Today’s modern marketing organization is complex and requires purposeful planning and a combination of talent, technology and insight in the need of the consumers.  Experts with the general knowledge managed the traditional marketing in organizations. 

With the development of social and digital marketing, the development of a range of new specialized roles was ushered in. Therefore, marketing leaders are no longer effective if they manage projects through a hierarchical structure, but they are expected to be in the position of a coordinator, or better the ‘conductor’ who supervises the talents who have gathered around a common idea that brought them together, and that they want to put into action. This gathering may relate to individuals within the company, outside of it and in parts of companies or in the several independent companies.

Furthermore, modern approaches to the management cited approach are based on the characteristics, access based on skills and style, situation access and team leadership as a possible model of leadership and Think – Do – Feel – Innovate model has been derived from the individual characteristics of each of these approaches.


Think-Do-Feel-Innovate Model does not categorize roles in marketing by the job name, however instead classifies them into three major groups as the following, to ‘think’ marketing, ‘feel’, ’do’ and ‘innovate’ people. In the ‘thinking’ group there are people involved with analytical skills for the purpose of taking over of tasks, such as the analysis on optimizing the return on investment, or the analysis of the personal data safety policy. In the ‘do’ group are those individuals with the skills needed to develop working content, while the third, ‘feel’ group is focused on the interaction with the consumers, as they usually do in customer services on social networks. The ‘Innovate’ group would be responsible for developing new products, improvement of existing products and general planning and innovation development. Depending on the task, the proportion of participation of each of the four groups is subject to changes.

The ‘orchestra’ that consists of the blue, red, green and yellow colors is the future model that has already begun today.

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