Transformational & Ying-Yang Leadership Bootcamp

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Transformational & Ying-Yang Leadership Bootcamp

The Transformational & Yin-Yang Leadership is a deeply personal program for managers who have already experienced the challenges of leadership and want to grow on a professional and personal level. Usual leadership model is all based on drive, energy and determination. However, to be complete it needs to be complimented by a degree of sensitivity, compassion and softness. Yin and Yang qualities coming together. It is development beyond cognitive intelligence, including emotions and sensing as triggers for development. 

This innovative program is based on the latest leadership research or findings.

Who is this for?


  • For senior-level managers who are already comfortable with tactical areas of leadership such as assertive communication, giving feedback and conducting performance reviews
  • With a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in leading people and having a desire to develop their leadership approach and personal effectiveness.

Blended Delivery Method: 

  •  Introduction and diagnostics – coach call
    3-day residential module
    2-hour follow up webinar
    4 hours of executive coaching

Fees: ask for quote today!