Master Program

Executive MBA Strategic Management

Executive MBA Strategic Management
Master of Business Administration

Double Degree Executive MBA Strategic Management

The Double Degree Executive MBA in Strategic Management program was designed in collaboration with EMAS Business School (Eurasian Management and Administration School), one of the best business schools in Russia, voted #1 in Russia among business schools offering MBA programs.

This unique Executive MBA in Strategic Management focuses on 3 key areas that deal with Strategic Management aspects:




Some of the topics include Leadership and Staff Motivation, Strategic Thinking. Creating Personal Brand of the Manager, Market modeling, analysis and forecasting, Business modeling and sales forecasting of a company and competitors, Company Strategy, Strategic Goal Setting, Strategy Formulation, Change Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Tax Management, Financial Management, etc.

These topics will be heart of the Executive MBA program and will be presented through 20 core courses by leading experts from SSBM and EMAS.


Swiss School of Business and Management is a global, innovative and unique business school with students from all around the world. SSBM’s programs were designed in partnership with numerous industry partners with the aim of continuously delivering Swiss Quality Education and excellence. The international faculty comes from top universities and encourages students to acquire knowledge and skills that are required for the competitive business environment.

  • SSMB’s industry knowledge and expertise stimulate students’ interest in business and prepare them for the upcoming challenges that they will be faced with. SSBM’s expertise in business will encourage students to enhance their careers and professional development. 

SSBM’s mission is to provide educational excellence and expertise in business education through innovative and cutting-edge technology and high-quality learning experience. SSMB encourages diversity and global connectivity between students, faculty and business partners.


Eurasian Management and Administration School is one of the world’s best experts in Business Strategy & Strategic Management which is the most important course for top managers and business owners. The best expert (among business schools) in Central & Eastern Europe! → EMAS is the best choice for business owners & managers who are looking for upgrading and scaling up their companies, as well as for young people who want to climb the career ladder promptly.

  • Apart from well-known instruments, EMAS has a profound methodology of contemporary strategic management. – EMAS MBA students study the most advanced methods and tools of Business Strategy & Strategic Management which are not taught at the majority of other schools! 

EMAS exceptional expertise in Business Strategy and Strategic Management guarantees the excellence of EMAS graduates and their professional supremacy over the graduates of the schools without sufficient knowledge in these must-have areas of modern business!


2 Methods

1. Blended (mix of campus lectures and Online)

2. Online (100% online learning)


12 to 16 Months
1 week in Moscow (Blended)
1 week in Geneva or Zagreb (Blended)
20 Core Courses 
129 ECTS Credits
Taught in English

Strategic Management focus

Executive MBA in Strategic Management will provide you with a deep and profound understanding of professional management competences such as:
– Business modelling
– Strategies of business development
– Business growth on fluctuating markets)
– Data Analytics for Decision Making
– Strategic Management. Company Strategy. Strategic Goal Setting. Strategy Formulation
– Lean Production and Quick Response Manufacturing
– Project Management
– Tax Management
– Financial Management
– Business Presentation Skills
– etc.

Our Executive MBA (EMBA) program is designed to educate experienced working executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders and provide them latest knowledge on executive leadership level.

You will enjoy top-class strategic management training.

Overall Executive MBA brings the following aspects to your career development:

  • Strengthen your business and leadership skills as you learn to think more strategically and analytically,
  • Act more decisively and lead more persuasively.
  • Build lasting relationships and a powerful network of business professionals
  • Provide practical orientation to management theory
  • Get a holistic and strategic understanding of business
  • Implement innovative and creative thinking
  • Discover latest business and industry trends
  • Acquire collaborative mindset
Executive MBA
Tuition Fees

Executive MBA in Strategic Management

Executive MBA was designed in collaboration with EMAS Business School (Eurasian Management and Administration School), one of the best business schools in Russia, voted #1 in Russia among business schools offering online MBA programs. Our EMBA program is easily compatible with your professional life.

This is a double degree program where you will be awarded with 1 diploma from SSBM and 1 diploma from EMAS.

Through our core courses awe attach high importance to practical relevance and direct applicability.

Executive MBA program is offered in English, brings 129 ECTS credits, and is organised into core courses and seminars. Earn your Executive MBA in 12-14 months or less while continuing to work and building your on-the-job experience

All of the lectures are following high standards and are delivered by SSBM and EMAS professors. Our professors will keep you engaged, motivated and will provide high quality teaching experience so you leverage your professional development and advance your career.

Tuition Fees

Executive MBA (Online): 9.000 EUR
Executive MBA (Blended): 10.000 EUR

The price is the total price you pay for 20 core courses.
There are no other hidden costs.


– At least 5 years of professional experience

– Undergraduate degree (Bachelor) from a recognized university or equivalent

– Minimum of two years‘ work experience

– Grade transcripts

– Your CV or resume

– ID or passport copy

– One photo


Executive MBA curriculum is composed of 20 core topics.

Program curriculum is the following one:
1. Personal Performance. Time-management
2. Strategic Management. Leadership and Staff Motivation. Strategic Thinking. Creating Personal Brand of the Manager
3. Strategic Management. Market modeling, analysis and forecasting. Business modeling and sales forecasting of a company and competitors
4. Strategic Management. Company Strategy. Strategic Goal Setting. Strategy Formulation
5. Strategic Management. Determination of Target Segments. Determination of Market Position. Branding and Brand Management
6. Strategic Management. Change Management. Effective Implementation of the Decisions
7. Strategic Management. Corporate Culture Management
8. Production Management. Lean Production and Quick Response Manufacturing
9. HR-Management
10. Operations Management. Day-to-day management
11. Sales Marketing
12. Project Management
13. Tax Management
14. Strategic Risk Management
15. Financial Management
16. Strategic Marketing. Marketing-management
17. Business Presentation Skills
18. Cross-cultural management
19. Financial statement analysis and Company Valuation
20. Data Analytics for Decision Making

Master Thesis / Final project: “Business strategy of a company (or a separate business unit) with a planning horizon of 3 – 5 years on the
example of a single product group”

* final list of available courses is subject to change

Experts in Business Education

We are “Experts in Business Education”. Our core values stand on:

  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Connectivity
  • Expertise

We offer Swiss quality through unique Experience, Exchange, Everywhere and Engagement.

SSBM Connect

How about connecting with your peers, alumni, students, professors, industry leaders and companies we work with?

SSBM enables this through our unique and innovative “SSBM Connect” platform where you can engage, interact and socialize with SSBM community!

Some of the companies our MBA students come from

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Networking is one of our core strategic directions.

SSBM has signed a strategic partnership with MBA Alumni Clubs enabling SSBM MBA students to become members of the MBA Alumni Club. This will provide to our MBA students new networking opportunities to connect with peers from same but also different industries as one of SSBM’s main objective is to have diverse student body.


Still Wondering Why Study at SSBM?

SSBM is a truly innovative and leading business and management school that aims at taking education to a new level!
We aim at providing a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your professional development.

With our unique programs you will strengthen your strategic visionefficiency and leadership to manage today’s organizations.