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Embark on a journey of discovery as we reflect on a pivotal session in our MBA in International Sports Law program at the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva. This enriching experience, led by the distinguished Prof. Ulrich Haas, delved into the intricate realm of CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) proceedings. This session has equipped students with essential knowledge and insights into the multifaceted world of sports arbitration.

Unpacking the CAS Proceedings

Over the past months, students have immersed themselves in the complexities of CAS proceedings, exploring topics from CAS jurisdiction to evidential matters. Guided by Prof. Haas’s extensive expertise in sports law, students engaged with real-world scenarios, case studies, and practical exercises that refined their understanding of sports arbitration principles and practices.

MBA in Sports Law students and professor

Key Learnings and Insights

CAS Jurisdiction and Authority

Prof. Haas provided a comprehensive overview of CAS jurisdiction, shedding light on its scope and limitations within the international sports framework. Students gained a clear understanding of how CAS operates and its pivotal role in resolving global sports disputes.

Standing to Appeal

The session also explored the critical aspect of standing to appeal. Prof. Haas discussed the criteria and legal standing required to bring a case before CAS, offering students a nuanced understanding of the procedural aspects involved in sports arbitration.

Evidential Matters and Burden of Proof

A significant portion of the lecture focused on evidential matters and the burden of proof. Prof. Haas detailed the standards of proof and the strategies involved in presenting evidence in CAS proceedings, enhancing students’ practical knowledge and their ability to navigate complex legal challenges.

Rules, Practical Issues, and Jurisprudence

The lecture concluded with an exploration of the rules governing CAS proceedings, practical issues encountered during arbitration, and evolving jurisprudence. Real-world examples and case studies provided a tangible context, bridging the gap between academic concepts and practical application.

Looking Forward

As our MBA students continue their journey in International Sports Law, the insights and skills acquired from sessions like these will be instrumental in shaping their professional trajectories. SSBM Geneva remains committed to providing an unparalleled educational experience, preparing students to become leaders in the global sports law arena.