Exploring Global Trade: SSBM Students Visit the International Trade Organization

NEWS > Exploring Global Trade: SSBM Students Visit the International Trade Organization

Students from the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva had the remarkable opportunity to visit the International Trade Organization (ITO), guided by one of our esteemed professors, Hulya Kurt. This educational excursion was designed to provide our students with a deeper understanding of global trade dynamics and the pivotal role played by the ITO in shaping international economic policies.

SSBM Geneva at ICT

During the visit, our students attended an enlightening presentation that detailed the organization’s functions and its substantial impact on global trade. The presentation covered a broad spectrum of topics, from the fundamentals of trade negotiations to the intricate web of regulations that govern international markets. Our students were particularly intrigued by the discussion on the challenges faced in the global market, such as trade barriers, tariff negotiations, and the complexities of international trade agreements.

One of the highlights of the visit was the interactive session with trade experts. The experts shared their experiences and provided valuable advice on how to approach trade-related challenges, offering our students a unique perspective that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

This trip exemplifies SSBM’s commitment to providing a holistic education that combines academic learning with real-world experiences. We believe that such visits are crucial for our students’ professional growth, as they not only expand their knowledge but also help them build valuable connections within the industry. By organizing visits to prominent organizations like the ITO, we aim to enhance our students’ learning experience, preparing them to become well-rounded professionals in the field of business and management.

We look forward to organizing more such visits in the future, further broadening our students’ horizons, and supporting their aspirations.