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University and degrees are expensive. Some extremely expensive. Whilst there are headlines in the news all the time about tuition costs rising or students having high student debts. Students being accepted into their dream schools and then not being able to afford it.

We at SSBM Geneva understand that this may be an issue for some students, which is why we offer many financial options and scholarships for students. SSBM has scholarships before each intake on the Geneva campus. There are some requirements in the application process for example, a letter of motivation with the application. After this has been sent to our admissions office, someone from the office will contact you for a zoom meeting and consultation. 

Here are some tips and tricks regarding financial aid:

Start early

In order to your chances of getting a scholarship make sure that you start your search early. Preparation is key so the earlier the better. You will then have more time to find and apply for scholarships. Competition for scholarships is always high so make sure you don’t fall behind and keep yourself updated with the latest dates and deadlines.

Do your research

Like any aspect of your life it is great to prepare as much as possible. Before you even start applying for scholarships, you must do your research. There are many factors that can affect your eligibility so make sure you find the type of scholarship that suits your needs. For example, there are scholarships that are needs based, merit based and or student specific. So make sure you do your research and look at any online resources  and contact the admissions team to get more information on scholarships.

Stay organized

It sounds simple right? Find a way that works for you, maybe jotting information in an excel sheet to make sure that you keep up to date of all the scholarships you are applying for and their deadlines. This will most definitely help you stay on top of your applications and increase your chances of getting a scholarship. Also, keep any documents, links and added materials ready so that you can easily submit your application.

Follow instructions

For any university scholarship there are clear instructions so when you are applying for a scholarship, it’s important to follow all the instructions in great detail. Double check that you fill out the application form correctly and include all the necessary documents. Any little or big mistakes in your application can lead to an unsuccessful outcome. So as obvious as it may seem, be careful and make sure you follow all the instructions. Sometimes it is also good to go above and beyond and send additional documents or materials that may be optional. This can give you that slight edge over someone.

Go for multiple scholarships

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from applying to multiple different opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two scholarships but make sure that you are applying to that specific school or university that is right for you. 

Regarding scholarships for SSBM Geneva please don’t hesitate to contact admissions@ssbm.ch for more information