IBIS Conference 2022, SSBM Zagreb!

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On 21st and 22nd October, SSBM Geneva held its IBIS 2022 Conference on our Zagreb campus!

This year the conference focused on SUSTAINABILITY and authors and co-authors of research papers were able to present their work during the conference.
The aim of the IBIS conference was to form an inclusive meeting place for people in the management and integral security fields in order to discuss fundamental and innovative issues related to different business aspects in general.
IBIS touched upon topics such as Reduce, Re-use Recycle, Sustainable Business Modeling, Hybrid Education, Sustainable Tourism, Agriculture and Food production as well as SDGs among others.
It was inspiring to listen to presentations of academic papers of our DBA students as well as DBA mentors and witnessing, not just the originality of ideas, but clarity of presentations and overall great contribution to the research world.
We believe we managed to achieve the goal of this conference – by providing meaningful contribution to the academic and scientific community and sharing knowledge and insights through an innovative and interactive community-building approach.

We would like to thank our keynote speakers, experts and policymakers in the field of higher education and sustainability, for their contribution to the conference!