Journey to Business Transformation

Journey to Business Transformation

The world is changing at unprecedented and unpredictable ways. Digital transformation, Artifical Intelligence, Blockchain, are just some of the paradigms that challenge current managerial thinking and ask CxOs, leaders, managers, decision makers to think in a new, different and unique ways!

How to make sense of Big Data, explore and understand the trends by discovering patterns that will fuel your decision making processes is at the core of the ‘Journey to Business Transformation’.

SSBM Geneva through the lenses of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research, invites you to this transformative journey.


Learn the CERN way of experimenting and deciding under uncertainties.

Adopt new risk management philosophies

Adopt new risk management philosophies

Challenge your assumptions about your business

Deep-dive into new frameworks and technologies

Understand in which ways all industries are being disrupted

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OCT 6-8, 2022


1.900 EUR*


25+ countries

Learner Base

  * price includes on-site transport, CERN visit, course delivery + 1 day of tourist visit to France and/or Switzerland
  ** price does not include flight tickets and taxi arrangements 


The program is based on threee key activities:

  • The program is based on threee key activities:
  • The program is based on threee key activities:
  • Experiments

Knowledge Sessions

 3 days of intensive knowledge sessions focusing on:
– how to experiment and manage risks
– collaborate without boundaries
– think in a non-linear way
– embrace the culture of experimenting

Visit to CERN

You will visit one of the largest and most respected scientific
centers in the world and discover:
– how science can help during the decision making- process
– scientific way of thinking
– how to apply scientific methods to your business realities


Experimenting is one of the key scientific methods when
making significant scientifc progress. Discover how to:
– think in a non-linear and counter-intuitive way
– challenge your assumptions about your business
– learn how to use scientific approach in your workplace


The program is open to any:
– Manager / Leader
– VPs / Owners of family businesses
– HR / talent management
All these profiles will find the program particularly inspiring


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    Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.