Article by SSBM Scholars Added to Olympic World Library’s Esteemed Collection

NEWS > Article by SSBM Scholars Added to Olympic World Library’s Esteemed Collection

In a significant achievement for the academic world, an article authored by SSBM Professor Luka Leško, PhD along with co-authors Professor Mario Silić PhD and SSBM Head of Marketing Gal Oberhofer Dimitrijević, MBA, MSc has been included in the prestigious Olympic World Library. The article, titled “SUSTAINABILITY OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES: SECURITY ASPECT,” delves into the intricate realm of security operations associated with the Olympic Games.

Published in the Global Journal of Business and Integral Security (GBIS) in 2022, the article addresses the unparalleled challenges and complexities of organizing one of the world’s largest and most-watched sporting events. Focusing on the Summer Olympic Games from Sydney 2000 to Tokyo 2021, the research provides a comprehensive comparative analysis of governance, work scope, and budget for security and safety.

The inclusion of this article in the Olympic World Library is a testament to its significance in contributing to the body of knowledge surrounding the Olympic Games. The library serves as a comprehensive repository, catalog, and search engine for Olympic-related information, making the research easily accessible to scholars, professionals, and enthusiasts worldwide.

For those eager to explore this influential piece of research, the article can be found on the Olympic World Library website at the following link: Sustainability of the Olympic Games: Security Aspect.