Mark-Markos Kehva’ Journey as a Professional Athlete and SSBM Geneva Student!

Blog > Mark-Markos Kehva’ Journey as a Professional Athlete and SSBM Geneva Student!

At the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva (SSBM), we pride ourselves on offering flexible and high-quality education that caters to the diverse needs of our students. One such student is Mark-Markos Kehva, a professional athlete who is currently pursuing an Online Bachelor of International Management with us. Here is Mark-Markos’ inspiring story and experience at SSBM Geneva.

Can you tell us about your background in sports and your achievements in Biathlon?

I have been linked to skiing for most of my life. I started as a cross-country skier but five years ago, I transitioned to Biathlon after picking up a rifle. Since then, I have represented Estonia in four Junior World Championships, achieving a 6th place finish in the sprint competition last year. I am a 13-time Estonian Champion and a 6-time Baltic Champion. Additionally, I have participated in both Junior and Senior class European Championships. Currently, I am a proud member of the Estonian Biathlon National A-team, training with the best biathletes in the country. I hope that next year will be my breakthrough season, securing a place in the World Cup.

What motivated you to choose SSBM Geneva for your studies?

Student testimonial

Studying in SSBM gives me a unique opportunity to study in a bachelor’s course while being a full-time professional athlete. I have always admired Switzerland as a brand and a sign of good quality and designated people. Same with SSBM Geneva, also a fact that a big percentage of SSBM graduates are working on very high-level jobs and are successful people.

How does SSBM Geneva’s flexible study program support your dual career as a full-time professional athlete and a student?

In SSBM Geneva I have a perfect way of combining high-level sport and studying by very flexible study program and professors who can help me with the topics as soon as possible.

How do you manage to balance your high-level sports career with your education at SSBM Geneva?

I have always been that kind of person who needs lots of challenges around. Usually if i have 20 things to do in a day i will finish everything effortlessly but having only 1 task for the day, sometimes it is harder. Same with school and sport. I feel i am performing better in both career paths when i have a lot to do.


What has impressed you the most about your experience at SSBM so far?

I think the biggest thing that started to stand out for me basically from the beginning of my studies is the competence of the professors. Many of them are the true experts in their field and have worked in topic specific field on a high level which makes them more trustworthy and to look up to. Also, the fact that they are true experts in their field, they are still very fore coming with helping you back on track and explaining different parts of the topic.

Mark-Markos Kehva journey exemplifies the values and flexibility that SSBM Geneva offers its students. His ability to balance a demanding athletic career with rigorous academic pursuits is a testament to his dedication and the supportive environment at SSBM.

We are proud to have Mark-Markos as part of our student community and look forward to seeing his continued success both in sports and in his professional career.