Master Program

Online MBA in Human Resources Management

Online MBA in Human Resources Management
Master of Business Administration

Online MBA in Human Resources Management

Master of Business Administration with a Specialization in Human Resources Management will explore core business principles from a management perspective, as well as human resources practices from an in-depth perspective. You will gain competencies and practical skills of various human resources policies, benefits and rewarding systems, recruitment and selection process, leadership and how to use different approaches. concepts, methods and techniques for managing  employees. 

The MBA program consists of core courses you have to complete. Some of the topics include Performance Management, Recruitment and Selection, Employer Branding, Strategic Human Resources Management etc. 

Overall, the Online MBA with a specialization in the Human Resources Management is composed of 10 core courses that will be taught by leading experts from over 20 industry and business partners.

For the online learning system, we are using the platform used by Harvard and MIT

What You'll Learn

You will learn how to attract and retain employees, manage talents within a company, recruit and select candidates and identify the needed improvements in the workplace. You will also learn how to implement effective strategies and gain knowledge on the employment trends and training as well as learn how to manage the most important asset of a company, its employees.  

You will better understand the importance of leading employees both from the Human Resources perspective as well as from the management perspective. 

Our Online MBA in Human Resources Management will help you to be prepared to assume various management roles in a variety of organizations and industries. Many of our graduates are currently employed in the following roles Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Director, Talent Acquisition Manager, Recruitment Manager, HR Partner etc. 

Overall the Online MBA in Human Resources Management brings the following aspects to your career development:

  • Conduct professional competency building activities
  • Acquire a human resources orientation
  • Develop real life problem solving abilities
  • Provide practical orientation to management theory
  • Get a holistic and strategic understanding of business
  • Understand effective human resources strategies, techniques and methods
  • Understand human resources fundamentals
  • Acquire a collaborative mindset
Tuition Fees

Online MBA in Human Resources Management

Online MBA in Human Resources Management was designed in partnership with over 20 business and industry partners.

Online MBA in Human Resources Management program is offered in English, brings 60 ECTS credits, and is organised into core courses and seminars. Earn your Online MBA in Cybersecurity in 12 months or less while continuing to work and building your on-the-job experience. Program takes place Online.

The practical relevance and applicability of the curriculum are the focal points of this postgraduate program. The Online MBA’s course contents cover a broad spectrum of relevant management topics, such as risk management, global business environment, leadership, marketing and communications, strategy. During your studies, you will gain access to productive practice-based projects and learn to apply the curriculum directly to real life.

Our professors will keep you engaged, motivated and will provide high quality teaching experience so you leverage your professional development and advance your career.

Tuition Fees

The cost of tuition varies depending on whether one chooses the Global MBA program or the Executive MBA program.

Global MBA: 7.000 EUR

Executive MBA: 8.000 EUR

We offer various scholarship opportunities. We invite you to carefully check which one can apply to you.


– Undergraduate degree (Bachelor) from a recognized university or equivalent

– Minimum of two years‘ work experience

– Grade transcripts

– Your CV or resume

– ID or passport copy

– One photo


Online MBA program with specialization is composed of core courses you choose in the Global/Executive MBA program and elective courses for the specialization. We organize elective courses in collaboration with our business and industry partners on specific topics relevant to global business and management challenges. You can choose 2 elective courses from the list below.

Elective courses:

– Cross-Cultural Management (CCM01)
– Organizational Behaviour (OB02)
– Artificial Intelligence in HRM (AIHRM01)

* final list of available courses is subject to change

Online Teaching Experience

Online teaching experience is an important factor when going for an online study. At SSBM, we aim at providing top-notch learning experience.

Do you want to see how our Online Teaching Experience looks like? 

Some of the companies our MBA students come from

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Experts in Business Education

We are “Experts in Business Education”. Our core values stand on:

  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Connectivity
  • Expertise

We offer Swiss quality through unique Experience, Exchange, Everywhere and Engagement.



Networking is one of our core strategic directions.

SSBM has signed a strategic partnership with MBA Alumni clubs enabling SSBM MBA students to become members of the MBA Alumni Club. This will provide to our MBA students new networking opportunities to connect with peers from same but also different industries as one of SSBM’s main objective is to have diverse student body.


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How about connecting with your peers, alumni, students, professors, industry leaders and companies we work with?

SSBM enables this through our unique and innovative “SSBM Connect” platform where you can engage, interact and socialize with SSBM community!

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SSBM is a truly innovative and leading business and management school that aims at taking education to a new level!
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