Mia Simcox MD, MSc

Amira Simcox MD, MSc

Full Time Faculty


Qualified as a Medical Doctor in Belgrade, Serbia (2005), and completed internship in various fields of clinical medicine.   In December 2007 was awarded Masters’ Degree in Occupational and Environmental Health with distinction from the University of Birmingham, UK. During the MSc was taught practical experience of researching, analysing, and addressing work related problems – for example dealing with individuals exposed to chemical, biological and physical agents plus ergonomic and psychosocial problems.  It also covered a broad range of skills to add to previous learning, such as statistical and research methods, professional academic writing skills and a thorough understanding of EU legislation on Health & Safety at Work (theoretical and how to apply this practically).

Returning to Switzerland, took a research and consulting position at the Institute for Health at Work (IST) in Lausanne. Worked on a nationwide project, Federal Level (Swiss Transplant Cohort Study) founded by the Psychosocial Interest Group in Basel. Main research objective was to investigate barriers and facilitators of return to work in solid organ transplant recipients focusing on the pre and post-transplant period. Developed a wide range of skills including writing a proposal, conducting literature reviews, and statistical data analysis (and using STATA application). Carried out consultations on workers for several Swiss companies and additional research for SUVA and SECO as consulting assignments. Volunteered in various International Organizations including International Organisation for Least Developed Countries (IOLDCs) and RightsTech Women.