Andreja Rudančić, PhD

Andreja Rudančić, PhD


Andreja Rudančić, PhD, Associate Professor, at the Libertas International University in Zagreb where she teaches and co-ordinates courses. In 2016, she earned her doctoral degree at the University of Osijek, Faculty of Economics in Osijek-Croatia. Her research interests are tourism, sustainable development, marketing, human resources (HR), management of destination, management, and economics.

Andreja Rudančić, published, independently and in co-authorship 57 scientific papers. She is a reviewer in reputable national and international journals and proceedings of international scientific conferences.

She worked (from 2005-2018) as a manager of a private tourist facility with an emphasis on running the facility’s business and managing employees. She used to work for US Embassy Zagreb-Croatia (from 1998-2005), main tasks were: planning, organizing, coordinating, and managing official receipts, organizing protocols and employers’ business trips, accountability, and budget management, supervising and managing employees, keeping, and recording arranged meetings.

She is  a member of the Working Group on Drafting the Proposal of the Rulebook on the Professional Examination for Tourist Guides and the Guidelines for the List of Protected Units (Sites) at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia; she is a member of the Body for Improving the Enrollment Procedure at Higher Education Institutions at the Agency for Science and Higher Education-Croatia (ASHE), a member of the Expert Body for the Implementation and Monitoring of the Development Strategy and for the Development of Economy of the City of Opatija-Croatia, and a member of the Croatian Meeting Professionals Association-Croatia (CMPA).

She received an award for significant contribution to the promotion of the international scientific conference Interdisciplinary Management Research IMR XV in 2019 organised by the Faculty of Economics in Osijek-Croatia. She was awarded a commendation of the Croatian Lions Club for exceptional humanitarian action in the City of Opatija-Croatia.