Dr. Palanivel Rathinasabapathi Velmurugan

Dr. Palanivel Rathinasabapathi Velmurugan

Dr. Palanivel Rathinasabapathi Velmurugan holds the position of Professor in Management at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Germany. He earned a doctorate in Business Administration from India. He has 16 years of experience in teaching and research. Furthermore, he has a keen interest in the Case Method of teaching and research. He is a Management Professor with experience teaching and researching at esteemed institutions in multiple countries, including the USA, Germany, Italy, the UK, Cyprus, India, Curaçao, Zambia, and Malawi.

Dr. Palanivel is passionate about teaching and has held courses in HR, Finance, General Management, and Entrepreneurship to a diverse group of students. He has shared his expertise, nurtured intellectual curiosity, and guided students in their academic pursuits through his experiences. He has actively involved himself in research and publications and has over sixty research papers in international/national journals and international conferences. He has also authored two textbooks in Strategic Management and TQM, and he has a patent in the field of HR.

Dr. Palanivel has made significant contributions to HR and General Management research through publications and active involvement in ongoing projects. He is not only an academic but also a committed member of multiple academic associations. Furthermore, he holds editorial positions in select journals. He has received recognition for his dedication to achieving academic excellence.

Dr. Palanivel has participated in media appearances, interviews, and public lectures outside of academia on topics related to Management.