Hulya Kurt, ASC

Hulya Kurt, ASC


In 1989, Prof. Kurt started to work in a multinational company in Istanbul called Reuters and climbed up the career ladder from a primary position to a senior role. She occupied many positions such as Team Manager, Project Manager, Head of Customer Experience, and Project Manager and started many initiatives within the organization like Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Hackathons. She led major transformation projects and programs, managed remote and onsite teams of more than 40 people around the globe, being responsible for more than 70 countries.

After 32 successful years within the organisation, she followed her passion to become a coach. She positions herself as a career and adolescent coach, helping people uncover their full potential and believing everyone can achieve their career goals. Her extensive experience in manoeuvring the minefield of business manifests in her clients’ testimonials.

She works in many international organisations such as ITC, WTO, WIPO and embassies. She possesses many coaching diplomas and certificates, such as Executive coaching, NLP, Senior Mentor accreditation and coach accreditation.

She wrote the book “Break Free from Your Hamster Wheel” based on her knowledge, focusing on busy professionals feeling stuck in their careers. In addition, she is actively involved in an NGO, Organization Women International Trade, as EVP on the International Board, which supports and fosters women in these domains. She is a learning enthusiast who loves sharing her knowledge and experience with young audiences.