Pattisan Kemrichard, DBA

Pattisan Kemrichard, DBA

Full Time Faculty


Dr. Pattisan Kemrichard, DBA, stands as an esteemed University Professor renowned for his expertise in Business Technology, Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Luxury Brand Management. Having attained a prestigious education from the University of Oxford in Executive Leadership, he has advanced his academic pursuit through the attainment of a doctorate in business administration. His doctoral research, titled “The Strategic Leadership Management Of The Luxury Hospitality Industry: An Examination of Organisational Effectiveness by Utilising Integrated Leadership Principles” was conducted in the picturesque setting of Geneva, Switzerland.

Beyond his academic accomplishments, Dr. Kemrichard garners recognition as a verified Harvard Business Publishing Educator, entrusted with shaping the educational experiences of degree-granting academic programmes. His impactful contributions are in evidence through his leadership in undergraduate courses encompassing Hospitality Marketing, Geopolitics, and Strategic Management. Across esteemed institutions in both Asia and Europe, spanning the spectrum from public to private, he has adeptly implemented and guided these courses.

Furthermore, Dr. Kemrichard’s influence extends to the realm of Digital Communication Designs, where he assumes the role of Course Leader for subjects such as User Interface within the esteemed Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programme. Moreover, his commitment to nurturing emerging scholars is palpable as he undertakes the role of a Doctorate Mentor at the distinguished Swiss School of Business and Management in Geneva.

The distinguished academic journey of Dr. Pattisan Kemrichard, coupled with his multifaceted roles, underscores his profound impact on the fields of academia, business technology, strategic leadership, and luxury brand management.