Portfolio Management Final Class!

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Congratulations to all the Zagreb campus Finance MBA students for completing their last class of the Portfolio Management!

The Portfolio Management course provided students with a good understanding of how various economic cycles influence various asset classes and how to position portfolio in order to bear best returns taking into consideration legal framework(s) and market circumstances. During the course students learned the real limitations and pitfalls to portfolio management, which will only help them in their career!

Thank you to the lecturer, Ivan Kurtovic, MBA who successfully held the course. Mr. Kurtovic, is the CEO of InterCapital Asset Management, a Croatian based leading independent asset management company. Ivan leads InterCapital’s sales, business development and digital transformation effort. Prior to asset management, Ivan spent 12 years in various roles (among else as Board Member and CEO) of the leading independent investment banking platform in South & Eastern European region under InterCaptail’s group. Ivan was in charge for brokerage & trading, research, business development, sales and operations. Students gained plentiful work related examples in the course due to Mr. Kurtovic’s background.

Well done once again to all our students! For more information about our MBA programs please click here.