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One of our scholarship awardees Eduard Plavec took some time to answer a couple of questions regarding the MBA program and how it will contribute to his career advancement.
Eduard Plavec, Head of Research & Development Department at Končar

How will the MBA contribute to your career advancement?

The MBA degrees are becoming globally recognized as a standard qualification for business and management positions in almost any industry, they inform an employer that you have the business acumen and the leadership skills to succeed in their company. An internationally accredited double degree MBA study will certainly add different benefits to a career, primarily through networking and expanding the knowledge by the new business techniques. The MBA study is a great place to network with class attendants, professors, alumni and others who may provide future employment help and opportunities.

Why are you interested in continuing your education?

I think that continuous improvement is the key to success in any career. My attitude that any advancement to a new position should always be accompanied by upgrading one’s own knowledge leads to the main reason for continuation of education.

What skills do you hope to obtain in the MBA program and how will they help you in your professional development?

I hope that MBA study will help me to develop skills necessary to keep a company successful. I think that strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, communication skills and leadership skills are the most important skills that should be obtained. They will certainly be useful for understanding which steps companies should take to work efficiently and collaboratively with others, as well as setting new ambitious goals. Also, these skills will offer a better understanding of business processes, decision-making and taking responsibility, as well as open the possibility of advancement within the company itself.

Shortly discuss your leadership experience.

My leadership experience includes leading both, people and projects. My role as a project manager and team leader was related to problem solving, together with the other team members, as well as to motivate them by delegating the interesting assignments. The most challenging tasks, apart from making the key decisions, were almost always related to the organization of completing the tasks on time and conflict resolution inside the team.