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One of our scholarship awardees Davor Tadic has answered a couple of questions regarding his enrollment into the MBA program as well as his experience as a leader.
Davor Tadic, HR Business Partner at INA

How will the MBA contribute to your career advancement?

I am convinced that I will get a broader picture of the business when it comes to finances and strategies so that I can connect the current knowledge and better understand what is needed for the successful operation of the company. As we already live in a digital reality, I want to learn more about the innovation, digitalization and transformation that is happening in this field. In the end, I will be able to upgrade my people and personal skills in order to provide better support to my stakeholders and to manage my team in more effective way.

Why are you interested in continuing your education?

Generally, I’m a person who likes to acquire new knowledge, who is interested in different things which are not linked only with my career in human resources and enjoys learning and reading. I just like to have the big picture and I think the big picture is a necessity to do the job in a professional and innovative way to successfully lead the team, but also other people who are business partners. This is exactly what I strive to develop – all the necessary skills to successfully manage people and their potential, as well as I want to be a complete professional, who understands the basic settings of business and the business world in which I am operating and to whom people can turn with confidence.

What skills do you hope to obtain in the MBA program and how will they help you in your professional development?

As I wrote in my motivational letter, special times require special engagement. For this kind of engagement, I believe negotiation skills, financial management, strategic business thinking, better understanding of new technologies and leading change initiatives may be crucial features of professional success. Also, I am sure I will be able to connect with diverse individuals. I will try to spread my network by spending time with people who have different backgrounds and viewpoints and make it a point to discover new information and exchange ideas.

Shortly discuss your leadership experience.

I work as HR business partner for INA`s core business units – oil and gas exploration and production. As HR is a supportive function, I needed to learn how to manage manager`s expectations in most efficient way and in a timely manner. After more than 5 years of experience this helped me to develop some leadership skills. Also, in my recent career I had two mentees, both successfully finalized their traineeship one-year periods in INA and now are valuable part of INA`s HR team. Finally, for the last year and a half I am coordinator of my HR partnering team. In this role I proved myself and thanks to that I am identified as a successor for some of the managerial positions both in INA and MOL Group.