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Studying online and having full flexibility

A Sports program allows students to have full flexibility while working, doing sports and studying at the same time. Our online programs are specifically designed for working sports professionals who do not want to put their careers on hold as they want to continue working while also pursuing their educational goals. The sports program is suitable for professionals who have a desire of gaining practical knowledge and skills as well as a managerial perspective that will contribute to the leadership of the organization.

The Online sports programs at SSBM Geneva allows students to complete their coursework  while continuing to make meaningful contribution at their workplace. The program focuses on acquiring practical knowledge and skills that will advance your career and analytical ability.  

The number of enrollments in online programs has grown significantly. Students have realized the benefits of online degrees as well as the quality of our educational material, learning platform and video quality. Our Online sports program is just a format of delivering education, therefore, students earn the same diploma and educational quality as they would in a traditional setting.

Key Highlights for Online Sports students:

  • No indication of “online” in the diploma
  • Students receive the same diploma as campus-based students
  • Students are more than welcome to attend the graduation ceremony
  • Students are provided with the same support

Being an online student associates you with remarkable time management skills, independent learning, self-motivation and exceptional writing and critical thinking skills. All of these skills are of high importance and value for employers and will lead to your career advancement.