SSBM Geneva Alumni Testifies: DBA Program Bridges Theory to Practice!

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SSBM Geneva DBA Student Testimonial

What motivated you to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at SSBM?

As a Panamanian, I was looking for a program at a TOP RANKED Business School as SSBM is, that would impulse my career in business practice rather than business theory, and I found that this program gave me the freedom to explore specific areas of research that could benefit any organization’s needs among the top firms of the world.

Can you share your overall experience as a DBA student at SSBM? How did the program contribute to your professional development?

During my Doctoral journey, I have had many people that contributed in helping me with their continuous support, by giving their inputs, words of encouragement, and expertise on their fields, so I could grant a good analysis and perform useful research that can contribute and add knowledge to the world. If you have a track record of working in management and/or leadership positions, the DBA is ideal for strengthening your leadership skills while developing strategies and solutions for the day-to-day organization´s improvement in a competitive world as it is nowadays.

In what specific ways did the DBA program at SSBM prepare you for your current role as a Senior Advisor and Consultant in Shipping Business Development?

This research helped me to understand and analyze data on managerial decision processes, especially on customer satisfaction and its impact on supply chain disruptions in worldwide organizations, so it prepared me as a professional in Shipping Business Development to answer which extreme losses influence post-pandemic actions to maintain supply-chain and how will organizations’ strategies assist in overcoming supply-chain disruptions. Additionally, it analyzed the business perspective for the strategic direction and strategic profile of firms that have opened doors for me in Asia and Oceania to contribute and advise organizations to overcome post-pandemic losses and disruptions.

As a successful professional in the shipping industry, what advice would you offer to current and prospective SSBM DBA students aspiring to excel in business development roles?

I will suggest to my esteemed SSBM DBA Students, as I stated in my Final Thesis, that in future studies consider Supply Chain Visibility as a crucial element for decision-makers and parties engaged in the global supply chain, such as ports, depots, merchants, and organizations, who must be aware of continuous changes due to disturbances. Supply chain visibility is the ability to track different goods and products in transit giving a clear view of the inventory and activity. It enables stakeholders to improve customer service and cost controls through the management of inventory in motion, proactive status updates, limiting disruptions, and risk mitigation. If we apply this data to a control tower, then we might have a supply chain control tower, as a cloud-based solution that leverages data from across the entire network to deliver complete supply chain visibility.