SSBM Geneva and WISLaw Join Forces to Promote Education and Gender Equality in the Sports Industry

NEWS > SSBM Geneva and WISLaw Join Forces to Promote Education and Gender Equality in the Sports Industry

In a significant step towards advancing education in the sports industry and promoting gender equality within the field of sports law, the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva (SSBM Geneva) and the Women in Sports Law Association (WISLaw) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The collaboration aims to create positive awareness around gender equality and empower women pursuing careers in sports law.

Fostering Gender Equality in Sports Law

One of the key objectives of this collaboration is to enhance education within the sports industry. SSBM Geneva, renowned for its innovative academic programs, is extending a generous offer to WISLaw members. As part of this partnership, WISLaw members will receive a 30% discount for the MBA in International Sports Law program. Find out more on this LINK.

The MBA in International Sports Law at SSBM Geneva is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal complexities within the sports industry. By offering this exclusive discount to WISLaw members, SSBM Geneva is not only promoting education but also encouraging the participation of women in this sector.

In addition to the MBA program discount, WISLaw members will also benefit from a 25% discount for all other SSBM Geneva online and on-site programs. This offer extends to a wide range of courses offered by SSBM Geneva.

Promoting Education in the Sports Industry

The signing of the MOU marks a significant milestone in the journey towards greater inclusivity and equality in the sports industry. Both SSBM Geneva and WISLaw are committed to working closely together to create a supportive environment that encourages women to excel in sports law and helps shape a future where gender equality is the norm in sports.