SSBM Geneva Professor Mario Silic Joins Editorial Team at ‘Frontiers in Computer Science’!

NEWS > SSBM Geneva Professor Mario Silic Joins Editorial Team at ‘Frontiers in Computer Science’!

Mario Silic, PhD, a respected professor at SSBM Geneva, has been appointed to the Editorial Team of the prestigious research journal “Frontiers in Computer Science.” This is an important milestone for the area of computer science and an accomplishment for Mario Silic, PhD.

“Frontiers in Computer Science” is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious research journals in the field, with an impressive Impact Factor of 2.6. This achievement underscores Dr. Silic’s expertise and dedication to advancing the computer science research.

Frontier is the 3rd most-cited and 6th largest research publisher and open science platform. Frontiers in Computer Science publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research across all areas of fundamental and applied computational sciences. Led by Professor Kaleem Siddiqi of McGill University and supported by an outstanding Editorial Board of international researchers, this multidisciplinary open-access journal is at the forefront of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries to academics, industry and the public worldwide.

SSBM Geneva Celebrates Professor Silic’s Achievement

The inclusion of Mario Silic, PhD an esteemed professor at the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva, who is on the editorial board, will undoubtedly enhance the journal’s reputation and broaden its scope in the ever-evolving field of computer science. His expertise and insights will prove invaluable in maintaining the journal’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

SSBM Geneva congratulates Professor Mario Silic, PhD on this remarkable achievement and looks forward to witnessing his continued contributions to the field of computer science through his new role in “Frontiers in Computer Science.”