Industrial Visit: SSBM Geneva Students Gain Practical Knowledge at Red Cross Headquarters

NEWS > Industrial Visit: SSBM Geneva Students Gain Practical Knowledge at Red Cross Headquarters

In a unique blend of historical exploration and career insights, students from the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva (SSBM Geneva) embarked on an enriching industrial visit to the Red Cross Geneva Headquarters.

The visit was facilitated by Bethania Monteforte, a dedicated Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) student at SSBM Geneva and a consultant at the Red Cross.

Bethania Monteforte ssbm geneva student

Unveiling Career Pathways at Red Cross Geneva Headquarters

The visit started with a historical overview of the Red Cross, providing students with a deep understanding of its pivotal role in global humanitarian efforts. A key highlight was the discussion on internships and volunteering, where students learned about practical engagement opportunities with the organization. This segment was particularly beneficial for those eyeing careers in the humanitarian sector.

Professional Perspectives: Interactive Sessions with Red Cross Experts

The visit also included interactive sessions with Red Cross professionals. These interactions offered students firsthand insights into the operational aspects of humanitarian work and the organization’s global impact. Students found these engagements enlightening, offering a realistic perspective on the challenges and rewards of a career in humanitarian aid.

ssbm students at red cross visit

SBM Geneva’s Commitment: Experiential Learning for Meaningful Careers

Reflecting on the visit, students expressed their appreciation for the comprehensive learning experience. The blend of historical knowledge with practical career advice provided a well-rounded understanding of the Red Cross’s mission. Bethania Monteforte’s facilitation was a highlight, adding a personal touch to the learning experience.

This visit to the Red Cross Geneva Headquarters is part of SSBM Geneva’s commitment to experiential learning. Such opportunities are invaluable in bridging academic theory with real-world applications, preparing our students for meaningful and impactful careers.