SSBM Professor Dario Silić Engages as Panelist at Kvarner 2030 Conference on Green Energy

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Professor Dario Silić, CEO of Bina-Istra and esteemed faculty member at SSBM , recently participated as one of the distinguished panelists at the annual conference “Kvarner 2030: Transformation of Kvarner.” The conference, held at the Ambasador Hotel in Opatija, focused on the pivotal theme of green energy and its transformative impact on the region.

The event kicked off with insightful introductory speeches delivered by key figures such as Ankica Kruljac, CEO of Novi list; Zlatko Komadina, the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Prefect; Davor Filipovic, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development; and Oleg Butković, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure.

SSBM Professor Dario Silic as a panelist

Panel Discussions: Navigating the Future of Kvarner

Throughout three engaging panel discussions, participants delved into a comprehensive vision for the development of Rijeka and Kvarner, exploring various sectors. The panels covered crucial topics, including logistics and transportation, tourism, the development and application of new technologies, knowledge and skills, environmental protection, the use of alternative energy sources, and renewable energy. Notably, there was a dedicated focus on education and research development, underscoring the importance of academic contributions in shaping the region’s future.

Dario Silic SSBM professor at Kvarner 2030

Professor Dario Silić’s Contribution

Professor Dario Silić actively participated in the third panel, alongside prominent figures such as Justus Reinke (Executive Director at Lürssen Group), Maja Rajčić (Head of the Department for Energy Efficiency at the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund), Ivan Herak (Member of the Management Board of ACI Ltd. for Finance, Corporate Law, and Human Resources) and Ivan Kršić (President of the Management Board of HŽ Infrastructure). The panel addressed pressing issues related to the conference theme, offering valuable insights into the sustainable development of the region.

SSBM congratulates Professor Dario Silić on his impactful participation, reinforcing the school’s commitment to fostering academic expertise that contributes to real-world discussions and advancements.

SSBM Professor Dario Silic conference Kvarner 2030