New Book Launch by SSBM Professors

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Titled “Franchise Business – From Idea to Success” this remarkable manual is authored by Dr. Ljiljana Kukec, with Dr. Saša Petar as the co-author. The grand unveiling transpired at the meeting of the Franchise Club, held within the elegant premises of the Swiss School of Business and Management in Zagreb. This event marked a significant contribution to the burgeoning popularity of franchise businesses.

Dr. Ljiljana Kukec, an internationally renowned expert in franchise business and president of the Croatian Association for Franchise Business, and co-author Dr. Saša Petar are both distinguished SSBM professors with expertise. Dr. Kukec, who holds the position of the association’s president, is not only a key figure in the Croatian Franchise Community but also a member of the World Franchise Council and serves on the board of directors of the European Franchise Federation.

Regardless of whether you are already an established entrepreneur or contemplating the exciting journey of starting your own business, this book is an invaluable resource designed with you in mind. Within its pages, you will discover a comprehensive guide to the franchise model, unveiling the crucial steps leading from idea to resounding success.