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SSBM joins forces with Deloitte

The Swiss School of Business and Management has previously signed a strategic partnership with Deloitte, Croatia that will allow them to work together in order to deliver educational excellence to future SSBM students. This collaboration will allow Deloitte to implement its large network and expertise in the MBA program.

SSBM’s partnership with one of the “Big Four”

Deloitte is commonly known as one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Additionally, Deloitte is known for being the leader in worldwide business consulting. Therefore, SSBM has recognized the importance of working with the industry leader. We believe that the quality education that SSBM provides and the assurance of trust that Deloitte is known for makes an ideal combination for achieving success.

Deloitte’s top lecturers at SSBM

The partnership between SSBM and Deloitte will provide SSBM students an insight into today’s competitive business environment and will equip the students with the right set of skills and knowledge needed for their professional development and career advancement. Moreover, SSBM is proud of the fact that Deloitte has recognized the potential of the MBA program, which initially stimulated the interest for collaboration. Therefore, Deloitte’s knowledge and expertise, which will be delivered by Deloitte’s top lecturers will definitely benefit the students. Consequently, the courses that were designed in association with Deloitte will improve the competence of students and encourage them to think critically.