SSBM’s MBA Course Revolutionizes AI Education for Business Leaders!

NEWS > SSBM’s MBA Course Revolutionizes AI Education for Business Leaders!

In a transformative move, the SSBM has concluded its groundbreaking elective course, “AI for Managers,” at the Zagreb Instructional Site. Led by Professor Aco Momčilović, this non-tech-oriented program offers business professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs a strategic understanding of AI’s economic, social, geopolitical, and ethical implications.

SSBM AI for managers

Key Highlights:

  1. Holistic Approach: Unlike traditional AI ceducation, “AI for Managers” focuses on the broader consequences of AI, encouraging in-depth discussions on its impact across various dimensions.
  2. Expert Guidance: Professor Aco Momčilović, a seasoned expert in the field, has curated a curriculum that distils complex AI concepts for business leaders seeking practical insights.
  3. Non-Tech-Oriented Innovation: SSBM’s course breaks away from technical jargon, positioning itself as the first AI-dedicated program at SSBM that caters exclusively to managerial perspectives.

AI for Managers” serves as a cornerstone in preparing MBA students to navigate the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence strategically.