SSBM’s MBA Orientation Day Sparks Excitement!

NEWS > SSBM’s MBA Orientation Day Sparks Excitement!

The Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) hosted an engaging Orientation Day in Zagreb for the new generation of MBA students.

SSBM Ignites Passion at MBA Orientation Day

The event commenced with a motivating keynote speech from Ivana Silić, Operations Director at SSBM, who not only shared invaluable operational wisdom but also stoked the fires of passion within the aspiring business leaders.

A highlight of the Orientation Day was a special address by Mario Pilija, an accomplished alumnus of SSBM and guest lecturer. Mr. Pilija, who has carved a successful path in the business arena, shared his personal journey and offered valuable advice to the aspiring MBA professionals, giving them a glimpse of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Welcome to SSBM Zagreb

Beyond the Books: Unveiling the MBA journey at SSBM

The students were introduced to the intricacies of the MBA program, delving into the curriculum and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the foundational elements of their academic journey. The orientation extended beyond the classroom as students explored the dedicated student spaces, familiarizing themselves with the resources at their disposal.

Unleashing Connections at SSBM

A lively get-together was organized as part of the Orientation Day. This provided an informal setting for students to interact, fostering connections that will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their professional and personal development.

By combining informative sessions, personal insights, and opportunities for socializing, SSBM has set the stage for a successful and fulfilling MBA journey for the incoming students.