Innovate, Educate, Elevate: SSBM’s Year in Review 2023!

NEWS > Innovate, Educate, Elevate: SSBM’s Year in Review 2023!

As we bid farewell to 2023, the Swiss School of Business and Management  Geneva (SSBM) takes a moment to reflect on a year filled with achievements, growth, and meaningful milestones.

Top 100 Global Ranking: A Milestone Achievement

One of the standout accomplishments of 2023 for SSBM is the prestigious recognition of being ranked among the top 100 business schools in the world.

Diversified Programs and Initiatives

The year 2023 witnessed the launch of cutting-edge programs at SSBM, designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

In addition to academic advancements, SSBM has introduced initiatives aimed at fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. These initiatives include mentorship programs, networking events, and industry partnerships, all geared towards providing students with a holistic educational experience.

Look at SSBM’s Year in Review video which serves as a visual testament to the collective efforts and achievements of the SSBM community in 2023.

SSBM extends heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated students, esteemed faculty, and all members of the SSBM community. Your collective efforts have played a pivotal role in making 2023 a year of tremendous success and growth. Thank you for being the driving force behind SSBM’s continued journey towards excellence.