Dr. Sagar Bansal, SSBM DBA Mentor

Our DBA graduate and DBA Mentor Dr. Sagar Bansal has launched the ” True Leading Indicator. “

In a groundbreaking development, the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) proudly announces the launch of a cutting-edge stock market analysis tool, “True Leading Indicator,” by our distinguished Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Mentor, Dr. Sagar Bansal. 

Certified by Renowned Analyst Jyoti Bansal

Endorsed by technical analysis expert Jyoti Bansal, the True Leading Indicator assures credibility and precision in forecasting.

Accessible for free educational use, the tool also offers a premium professional option for advanced features.

Learn from Dr. Sagar Bansal at SSBM Geneva

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🔗 Access the True Leading Indicator:

SSBM Geneva congratulates Dr. Sagar Bansal on the successful launch of the True Leading Indicator, a testament to his dedication to advancing financial knowledge.