Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability Efforts at SSBM Geneva

SSBM Geneve has strategically decided to implement a series of different measures to increase on-campus energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Below are some of the achievements but also actions that are part of our 10 year strategic direction.

Key objectives

Sustainability Policy

Creating a sustainability policy.


Improving energy efficiency and shifting to smart buildings.


Travel policy that promotes sustainable transportation means.


Reducing and eliminating waste wherever possible.


Moving to campuses that offer better workplace standards.

Communication & Procurement

Establish guidelines for greener communication and procurement with sustainability criteria.

How we do it?

Energy Conservation

Our sustainability commitments when it comes to the energy conservation is that we promise to make our campuses more sustainable and energy-efficient.

In 2021, we have moved our campus to a new completely renovated building using latest state of the art technologies that strictly adhere to to the energy conservation principles.

We have achieved a reduction of approx. 25% of the energy and 100% gas consumption and which resulted in a reduction of approximately 145 tons of CO2.

We have reduced our energy consumption by renovating the campus buildings and introducing latest technologies for saving energy. Also, we made sure that all screens are shut down overnight. All of our teaching spaces are now equipped with low consumption LED lights.

Water conservation

Water conservation is an important element of our sustanability efforts. 

We achieved important milestones regarding the water consumption by implementing the following actions:
– we moved to a new business center in Geneva, Geneva Business Center which follows latest standards in terms of the sustanability efforts with smart classrooms, offices and important water saving solutions
– we renovated our Zagreb campus an introduced latest techniques for water consumption

Transportation/Mobility policy

All employees are encouraged to combine work from home and office work based on the needs and situations. Work from home significantly impacts the sustanability results as less of transportation is used.

During Covid19, online communication tools (Google Meet/Zoom) were used and resulted in over 2,200 Meet/Zoom sessions with more than 4,100 participants, reducing the need to travel.

SSBM Geneva finances tramway annual transportation tickets reducing the need to use own cars.


Waste and Recycling Management

We are committed to minimizing waste and strive to increase recycling on campus. 

To reduce the amount of paper, since 2019, SSBM Geneva has a strict policy that only critical documents can be printed and all others should be used in the electronic format. 

We have also removed all small printers and left only 1 multi-function printer and 2 smaller backup printers.

Other actions have also been implemented such as we switched to electronic textbooks and implemented e-Library.

We have also moved the hosting for our entire IT infrastructure to a provider that uses hydropower. Our environmental partner is Energiedienst AG, a TÜV certified company that generates green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.


Sustainable Procurement

We aim at procuring office supplies that are certified sustainable.