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Swiss excellence & distance learning

As you may know, the Swiss quality standard is widely known in the world as one of the best. Among the most beneficial and top education systems in the world is the one in Switzerland. That is why we choose our headquarters and origin of knowledge to start here in Geneva and evolve all around the world. Our job is to make sure you have access to world-class learning and certification from all around the world. The possibility and opportunity to educate yourself and obtain a diploma in a mobile and flexible way is what we offer.

 Nowadays the fast-paced environments make our lives complex and do not allow us to have the education we want to choose without our presence in that country. SSBM is among the leading e-learning schools that has a solution to this. Imagine, from anywhere in the world you would be able to obtain your MBA or Doctoral Degree, from home, office, or any suitable and cozy environment you wish to choose. Our mission is to give you an opportunity to follow your dreams and at the same time to be on the right track to your degree. Although the location is from anywhere in the world, the quality and excellence of faculty members and studies are the same.

Our faculty and staff are always here to support and help you choose a program in accordance with your needs. A variety of possibilities are available, for example, our MBA program can be adapted to your needs in terms of your choice:

  • Online MBA – fully online, limitless mobility and flexibility
  • Executive MBA/Global MBA – campus-based, possibility to choose between Geneva, Switzerland and Zagreb Croatia
  • Blended MBA – the perfect mix of both online and on-campus education
  • Top-Up MBA – with previous experience and credits, the top-up is an option created for some who have already started at other institutions

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