Why is the Quality of Online Teaching Critical for Online MBA Learning

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Many of you will sooner or later be confronted with making a decision where there will be a binary outcome: campus or online. Certainly, there are many positive arguments to undertake campus-based lectures such as the ‘interactivity‘, which is one of the major drawbacks of the online format. However, the online learning method also has numerous advantages, such as ‘flexibility‘, which is not always the case for the campus-based learning.

In this article, we present some important factors that each Master of Business Administration (MBA) student should take into consideration when enrolling to an Online MBA program.

At this stage you have opted to go for the online format and you are most likely evaluating different schools, universities and organizations to find out what makes the difference between these institutions.

The first advice that we can give to you is to check how the online learning looks like. You will be surprised to discover that in many organizations online = providing (digital) books, PDFs, links, etc..

The first important step is to ask the organization provide you with an insight into their online learning delivery format.

This is clearly the first thing that will distinguish quality organizations from the others. This is where the quality will be one of the key differentiatiors.

The next important factor when it comes to the quality of the lectures is how the lectures are delivered. Are the lectures delivered through pre-recorded videos or you will attend webinars like lectures or it is a different format?

A pre-recorded format of video lectures is the format that SSBM Geneva opted for due to the fact that this approach has greater flexibility that meets the busy schedule of working professionals. At SSBM Geneva we are using a top-notch learning platform (the same platform is used by Harvard and MIT) to deliver the online learning experience through pre-recorded video lectures.

Check the quality before engaging

This leads us to the second point that you should ask any organization – that is, to show you how these pre-recorded video lectures look like?

You may be surprised about the low quality of many of these pre-recorded videos and the reason is that it is not easy to produce high quality video lectures and moreover, it can be quite costly. 

Thus, you should always check the quality before engaging any further.

Knowledge acquisition is driven by the technology

Technology plays a key role in knowledge acquisition. Even if the video lectures might be of high quality, the way the lectures are delivered could be a major showstopper.

Many of the existing LMS – Learning Management Systems are either 1) too complex, 2) not user-friendly or 3) are not up to date with the latest technological trends.

At SSBM we use the same platform as used by Harvard and MIT to deliver our courses. You can check here to see how it looks like.

SSBM Learning Platform

Top Quality Online MBA 

So what makes a top-quality Online MBA?

We believe that a combination of  a top lecturer + exceptional learning platform + quality pre-recorded video lectures are the most important aspects to get the most out of the Online MBA program.

Many schools and universities fail at one or more of these 3 categories mainly because it is not that easy to combine all of them, make it simple and at the same time for the student to also provide quality feedback and support in the online realities.

This is where SSBM Geneva excels, which is also not only demonstrated by the top technology that we use to deliver our lectures but also, and most importantly, by constant student feedback that enables us to continuously improve and build upon to make a better, more convenient and user-friendly learning environment.

All that with one unique goal, knowledge acquisition and gaining new skills that will enrich you and contribute to both your personal and professional development and career advancement.