🎧BizTalks – Expert Tips for DBA Success: Prof. Dr. Saša Petar🎧

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Tune in to our latest podcast episode featuring esteemed professor, economist, and DBA mentor, Prof. Dr. Saša Petar. He shares expert advice on optimizing the DBA experience, offering valuable insights into dissertation writing and program success.

Throughout the podcast, Prof. Dr. Saša Petar shared practical tips for students to excel in their DBA dissertations, drawing from his extensive experience as a mentor. His insights covered the importance of originality, the significance of literature review, and the role of critical thinking in shaping a compelling research contribution.

The podcast is a must-listen for SSBM students or prospective DBA students, providing a concise guide to excel in their doctoral journey. Watch the podcast for a wealth of practical tips and strategies from Prof. Dr. Saša Petar.